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Bobbi Morse Reading List

This was originally going to go up during Bobbi Morse Appreciation Week but, after the good news at the Agents of SHIELD panel, I decided to put it up now instead.

The list of comics below are comics where Bobbi plays a significant part. The ones with a * beside them are particularly good jumping on points and introductions to the character.

Sadly, I was unable to find a torrent with Marvel Super Action #1, but a link will be added if I find one.

There is also an intro post here.

As Agent 19

  • Astonishing Tales - 6, 7, 8-20 - (T1)

As Huntress

  • Marvel Super Action - 1 - 

As Mockingbird

  • *Marvel Team-Up - 95 - (T1)
  • *Hawkeye Vol 1 - 1-4 - (T1) (T2)
  • West Coast Avengers - 1-4, 1-46, 48, 49, 78-83, 87-90, 100 - (T1)
  • The Last Avengers Story - 1-2 - (T1)
  • House of M: Avengers - (T1)
  • *Secret Invasion - 1-8 - (T1)
  • * New Avengers Vol 1 - 52, 54-57, 59-60, 63, 64 - (T1)
  • New Avengers Vol 2 - (regular character) - 9-14 - (T1)
  • *New Avengers: The Reunion - 1-4 - (T1)
  • *Hawkeye & Mockingbird - 1-6 - (T1)
  • Widowmaker - 1-4 - (T1)
  • *Secret Avengers Vol 2 - 2-16 - (T1)

goals: brendon urie singing luck be a lady

AFTER DARK: late night drives and no good being done. a mix dedicated to luscifers


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my handwriting is like super different depending on the pen I use so I used my Favorite Pen that I use 90% of the time for consistency’s sake and I’d say this is pretty representative of what my notes and stuff usually look like

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“I don’t think that everyone should become a mathematician, but I do believe that many students don’t give mathematics a real chance. I did poorly in math for a couple of years in middle school; I was just not interested in thinking about it.
I can see that without being excited mathematics can look pointless and cold. The beauty of mathematics only shows itself to more patient followers."

Interview with Maryam Mirzakhani, the brilliant Iranian mathematician who was the first woman to win the Fields Medal (via curiosamathematica)


Spider-Man by rodavlasalvador


he was so proud of the suit I’m not even mad he didn’t do it in a tight white t-shirt


Peter’s first read through.




fuck that chris evans guy

i’m tryin


Guardians of the Galaxy #13 by Brian Michael Bendis, Sara Pichelli, David Marquez, and Justin Ponsor



the 1700s called……they want their clothing back. haha just kidding the first telephone was invented in 1876

a good post AND i learned something.  thanks tumbrl



Storm #1

the question is did Hank buy that for himself or was it a gift

Clearly Jubilee knew Hank had to have this Etsy find





So what happens if two people who have promised their firstborn to separate witches have a child together? Do they both just pop up in the nursery and have a custody battle?

I need a book about a little girl whose parents had promised their firstborn to different witches and the only way that both ends of the deal were fulfilled was for them to have joint custody of the child.

I love it!

And then the witches, forced to share a cottage while raising their joint stolen child, fall in love…